"Let lovely Light surround
The space of human being.
No one can escape
The peace behind love's feeling."

from "Love Is Not Enough"
(R. Kinscherf)

Orchestra Luna and Luna Biographies

Orchestra Luna (1974)
(left to right) Don Mulvaney, Scott Chambers,
Liz Gallagher, Rick Kinscherf, Lisa Kinscherf,
Randy Roos, (on floor) Peter Barrett

Luna (1978)
(left to right) Joe Petruzzelli, Chet Cahill,
Rick Kinscherf, Bob Brandon, Steve Perry

Over the past three years, I have received correspondence from many people who have been fans of Orchestra Luna or Luna, knew a member of the group, or were even members themselves. Often it was just a note letting me know that they had come across my site and were pleased to rekindle some musical memories. As a result of this, I have spent a little bit of time researching the members of the group.

Sometimes this has been easy. Rick Berlin, for example, has maintained very nice websites about himself and his current group, The Shelley Winters Project, and his sites have included some helpful biographical information. Both Randy Roos and Karla DeVito have gone on to release solo albums and there are fan sites devoted to each of them. One individual sent me an e-mail because he had gone to school with Peter Barrett's brother, but couldn't provide much information about Peter himself.

More often than not, though, I've run into "brick walls" and just drawn a blank. If you have been a member of Orchestra Luna, or one of its descendants, I would love to hear from you. I will respect your privacy and will not publish any contact information unless I receive your permission to do so. Just send mail to me and let me know what's going on.

Click on the individual name to be taken directly to the section on that person. You can then return directly to the index list. At the bottom of the page, I have some links to sites related to Orchestra Luna and its members.

Original members of Orchestra Luna (1973-1975):

Later members of Orchestra Luna II (1976-1977) and Luna (1977-1979):

It is probably too grand to call these "biographies" as they are really just thumbnail sketches of the artists. As usual, the information that is correct probably came from someone else, while all the errors are mine. I have tried to provide at least one decent photo of each member, but my choices have sometimes been quite limited. I apologize in advance if I've used a photo that someone "just hates." The solution, of course, is to submit one that you like.

Orchestra Luna Biographies

Rick Berlin graduated from Yale University, where he was a member of the Whiffenpoofs (second tenor, 1966-67), in 1967. After several years of performing, both musically and dramatically, he formed Orchestra Luna in Boston in 1973. Epic Records signed the band to a record deal in 1974 and their eponymous album was released late that year.

After Epic dropped Orchestra Luna from its label in 1975, the band quickly broke up. Rick reformed the band in 1976 with original members Peter Barrett, Liz Gallagher, and Richard Kinscherf and several new members. In late 1977 or early 1978, the band dissolved again. Rick then formed a third band called simply...Luna. In spring of 1980, Luna also broke up.

According to his autobiographical information at his website, Richard changed his last name to Berlin shortly after forming Luna in 1978. He says, "No one can spell Kinscherf."

In 1981, he formed a new band, Berlin Airlift, which included Rick, keyboardist and vocalist Jane Balmond, guitarist Steve Perry, bassist Chet Cahill, and percussionist Joe Petruzzelli. They released a single that got significant local airplay in Boston. Berlin Airlift was signed to Handshake Records in 1982 and the group released its debut album, Berlin Airlift later that year. (Sources state that Glen Moran played drums on the album instead of Petruzzelli.) The album received great reviews. (The last track on the album, "I Hate Everything But You," would later be recycled into the title and lead track of the recently-released The Shelley Winters Project album.) Several weeks later, Handshake went bankrupt. After releasing a six-track EP, Professionally Damaged, in 1983, Berlin Airlift dissolved in 1984.

From 1985 through 1989, Rick's new band, Rick Berlin - The Movie, released several singles, including "Rock n Roll Romance." During this period, Rick also wrote at least two screenplays.

In 1990, he formed Rome Is Burning, which lasted less than a year. Rick then started a solo career and was soon performing at local clubs to enthusiastic audiences. He recorded solo performances at Jacques in 1996 and released a 16-track solo album, Live at Jacques (The Orchard Records), in April, 2000. During this period, he was also a semi-regular on a radio interview show, was prominent in civic affairs, and committed to social activism.

In 1999, he again went the group route, forming The Shelley Winters Project. The group released their first EP, The Shelley Winters Project (The Orchard Records), in May, 2001. They released their first complete album, I Hate Everything But You (Windjam Records WJ20210), in April, 2003.

In 2007, Rick contributed liner notes for the market Square CD reissue of "Orchestra Luna"and provided some fascinating insight and memories about the band.

Rick remains active both as a solo performer and with a number of groups, performing on a regular basis in Boston and other New England venues. Check out his website for more information about his schedule, his newly released material, and his thoughts on life. He also has some great photos from different stages of his career.

The majority of this information came from Rick's website. Additional information came from the NEMSbook, published interviews with Rick, and reviews of his (groups') albums. Rick has written a very detailed summary of his career that is available for download as a PDF file here. Any errors in putting together the information came from me and from me only.

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Randy Roos studied at Tufts University and at The Berklee School of Music prior to coming to Orchestra Luna. He was an original member of the group in 1973. As Randy remembers it, he was playing the Club Zircon with Softwood while he attended Berklee. Lisa Kinscherf, then a waitress at the club, and his friend, Scott Chambers, introduced him to Richard Kinscherf and pressured him to join the new band they were forming. Randy finally agreed in the summer of 1973.

Excluding Rick, Randy Roos has probably had the most active musical career of all the band members after leaving Orchestra Luna.

After leaving the band in 1975, Randy formed a four-piece jazz-rock band called Mistral that included noted guitarist, Mike Stern. They released their only album, Mistral (Spoonfed Records), in 1978.

Roos led another ensemble group on his 1990 release, Photogenic Memory (Agharta Records).

Randy did the arrangements for the Special EFX album, Peace of the World (GRP Records), in 1991. He collaborated with Special EFX group member, George Jinda, on the George Jinda and World News 1992 debut album, George Jinda and World News (JVC/City Hall Records), writing or co-writing nearly half the album. He also co-produced the group's second album, Reliable Sources (JVC, 1993).

Randy released his solo album, Liquid Smoke (Narada Equinox ND-63028), in 1994 and followed it up in 1995 with Primalvision (Narada Mystique ND-62015). In 1997, he formed the jazz group, RAZ, with percussionist R. J. Raven, bass player Tim Archibald, and keyboardist Steve Hunt. They released their first album, RAZ (Narada ND-72438), in 1998. (Some sources, including Amazon.com, give the album title as, Kinetic Energy.) RAZ is not to be confused with the Joe Vitale-produced pop group, RAZ.

Randy continues to play and record progressive jazz. He has also taught at the New England Conservatory of Music and has scored several Nova documentaries and the Scientific American Frontier series for PBS.

In 1994, Musician magazine put him on its top-ten list of innovative jazz guitarists, and his television scoring has earned him an Emmy nomination.

Randy did a very extensive interview with Phil DiPietro in October of 2003. He talked about his OL experiences at length and you can find that interview here.

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Scott Chambers played bass and provided background vocals for the group through their breakup in 1975. Scott was also a student at Tufts and was a good friend of Randy Roos' when he answered an ad for a bassist to join the band. Along with Lisa Kinscherf, he was one of those who persuaded Randy to join the band.

After leaving the group, Scott continued to do studio work and was a member of several different bands, performing or recording with Bette Midler, Art Garfunkel, The Pointer Sisters, and Graham Nash. Scott played on the soundtrack of The Rose in 1979. He went on to co-found Jack Mack and the Heart Attack, an R&B band that recorded with Warner Brothers. In 1980, he played bass on Johnny Lee's hit, "Lookng for Love," the title track for the movie, Urban Cowboy, and went on to record with Albert Hammond in 1982. In recent years, he is perhaps best known for touring with David Gates as a member of Bread in the 1990's.

For a photo of a very young Scott Chambers playing with his first band, The Overtones, go here. Thanks to Tony Maciorowski (rhythm guitar) for identifying Scott and for the great picture.

He is currently living in Nashville, TN, where he is a partner in a successful development firm.

I contacted one of Scott's fans, Fran Hart, who was kind enough to pass along the following message she received from Scott about hs days with Orchestra Luna:

"Orchestra Luna seems to live on, and I'm glad. It was a joyous group. In terms of an update, I've been playing in Nashville with the Soul Searchers, a seven piece R&B band. R&B is my first love, and this band plays all the greats with lots of heart. As David [Gates] used to mention in my stage intro, I've been developing homes in downtown Nashville and continue to pursue that work. It's a nice blend of my two interests now. Thanks for the inquiry. Best wishes to you."

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Don Mulvaney played drums/percussion and provided background vocals for the group through 1975. He was an unsung hero for his excellent support of the "challenging" tunes. The band had auditioned 30 or 40 drummers (according to Randy Roos) before they settled on Don, in part because of his willingness to undertake the new group's grueling practice schedule.

Don is a graduate of the Berklee School of Music. He has continued to teach and perform in the New York area for the past several years. I know very little about Don or his career after Orchestra Luna broke up in 1976, but I do see his name listed in several places on the web. For example, Don played drums on Voices of New York: An Odyssey, Vol. 1: Rising.

Don was kind enough to drop me a line in August of 2003. Don writes, "I would have written sooner but my summer was swamped with gigs in New York City, teaching, co-writing 3 musicals and a vacation with my family in San Fran. I want to update you further on my work when I have more time. I'm in the process of renovating our kitchen and deck as well as gearing up for another year at Fairfield University where I teach in the jazz department under the direction of Brian Torff. I have been very fortunate to have stayed in music. I've played with Tony Bennett, a quick moment with Barbra Streisand in the movie "The Mirror has Two Faces" and I've worked with the jazz singer Mark Murphy. I would like to be a part of this project [the OL website]. Some of the fondest memories of my life in music are because of Orchestra Luna.

I would especially like to thank Don for his help in answering some questions I had about the group's album, particularly the vexing question of exactly which songs were added to the original album at the request of Bruce Lundvall, President of CBS Records. (Lundvall was the executive who came to hear OL play live in Boston and who made the changes to the album based on OL's live performance.)

Don lives in Connecticut with his wife, Ledell.

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Peter Barrett provided narration and vocals for the group, an important task since there was no other dramatic framework on which to hang the songs. Peter returned to the group in 1976, after their 1975 breakup, and stayed at least through the Neverland performances early in 1977. He left the group in late 1977.

Recently, Tom Barrett, Peter's brother, shared with me some information about Peter after he left Orchestra Luna: "After OL, [Peter] moved to SF and formed a band with me and his other two brothers called No Sisters. They played in SF and on the west coast from 1978 to 1982 when they disbanded. They self produced two singles, on which Peter sang lead, called "Roscoe's Family" and "You Bring Out the Animal in Me" which may be found in some thrift store bin somewhere. There also exists early pre-MTV videos of the band and other memorabilia. A poster of this band is available for viewing in the coffee table book, The Art of Rock. Peter died in 1991."

Strangely, the band appeared on a greeting card (see picture at left) though I have no idea who approved it or who printed the cards.

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Lisa Kinscherf, Rick's sister, was one of the three primary vocalists with the group. She did the lead vocals for "Little Sam," one of the most memorable songs on the album, and joined in the lead vocals with Liz and Rick on virtually every other song.

Lisa was a waitress at Club Zircon in 1973, when Randy Roos was playing with Softwood, a group that regularly played the club. She was instrumental in persuading Randy to join Orchestra Luna that summer.

Lisa left the group in 1975 after their first breakup. In 2007, Lisa rejoined Rick for at least one performance in Boston.

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Liz Gallagher also provided lead vocals on the album. She took the lead on "Fay Wray," lending genuine emotion to the song, and also contributed narration to "Love Is Not Enough," which is perhaps my favorite song from the album.

Liz remained with Orchestra Luna through the 1977 performance of Neverland, leaving the group later that year. I would like very much to learn more about her.

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Karla DeVito joined the second incarnation of Orchestra Luna (sometimes called "Orchestra Luna II") in 1976, providing vocals.

Karla had a friend, Billie Best, who was managing the group in 1976. Karla saw the band perform at CBGBs in New York and got to know them through Billie. She joined the group that year.

In 1977, she met Jim Steinman and Meat Loaf when Jim put on his musical, Neverland, at The Kennedy Center. Orchestra Luna provided the music for the show (which only did one performance). The band's line-up at that time was Rick, Bob Brandon, Chet Cahill, Steve Perry, Liz Gallagher, Peter Barrett, Ace Holleran, and Karla. (To download a facsimile copy of the program for the production, click here.) When Meat Loaf started touring in late 1977 to promote Bat Out of Hell, Karla accompanied him to do the vocals that Ellen Foley had done on the album. Therefore, she was part of Orchestra Luna for less than two years.

Following the Bat Out of Hell tour, Karla worked on Jim Steinman's follow-up album and recorded "Dance in My Pants" with Jim. She released a solo album titled Is This A Cool World or What? in 1981. She also did some background vocals on albums by Blue Oyster Cult and The Sorrows during this period. She replaced Linda Ronstadt in the broadway production of The Pirates of Penzance and later married her co-star, Robby Benson. In 1982, she had a supporting role in the movie Two of a Kind, which starred Robby and George Burns. Following this, she did some live performances and recorded Robby's song, "We Are Not Alone," for the movie, The Breakfast Club.

In 1986, Karla released her second solo album, Wake Em Up in Tokyo. Immediately after this, she went back to Broadway to perform in the musical, Big River. During the last part of the 1980's, she continued to do some background vocals for other performers. She helped write and co-starred in the 1990 movie, Modern Love, with Robby.

In the 1990's, she did several animated series, including "Bonkers" and "Road Rovers." She shared writing credits with Robby for the 1993 movie, Betrayal of the Dove, and appeared in episodes of the TV series "Sabrina, the Teenaged Witch" and "Fired Up."

She and Robby had a daughter, Lyric, in 1983. She later had a son, Zephyr, with Robby. Karla taught voice and Robby served as artist-in-residence at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, starting in the Fall of 2003.

(Many thanks to Håkan Kjellin for his wonderful Karla DeVito Fan Website. Much of my information on Karla came from there.)

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Neil Fahey replaced Don Mulvaney as the drummer for the group when Don left in early 1975. Neil tells us he had just left Berklee College and was living in West Springfield, MA. After seeing the group perform in Northampton and learning that Don was leaving, he approached them about replacing Don. He auditioned for them in Watertown and got the job.

"We rehearsed for hours every day. Finally, we started to work. We did a lot of gigs at CBGB's, mostly with the Talking Heads-we'd open for them, they'd open for us, etc. We were dirt poor. I think I received a stipend of $25/week (sometimes!) for all the work put in to Luna! I was 22 [and] liked being in the band. A former college roommate let me live in his basement apartment on Beacon street for free, so I could endure it for the golden ring-a RECORD CONTRACT."

"As an aside, I believe there was only one song we did that the tempo went straght through, without time changes."

"One enduring memory I have is that of our bassist, Chet Cahill, one of the nicest, funniest people I've ever met. Same would go for Gene Amoroso, the first road manager."

Thanks, Neil, for getting in touch and sharing your memories with us!

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Eric Engstrom contacted me after finding my Orchestra Luna page. He played drums with Orchestra Luna II from May of 1977 through the beginning of 1978.

Eric had moved from Wisconsin to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music. After attending for a few semesters, he joined a top-40 band, but left to join Orchestra Luna when he had the chance. Chet Cahill, who played bass with the band at that time, had been childhood friends with the leader of Eric's previous band, giving him an "in" with the group.

During the time that Eric was with the band, Peter Barrett, Liz Gallagher, and Karla DeVito left and the band evolved into Luna, playing a mix of original songs and covers. This was one of the reasons that Eric left the band in January of 1978. While he was with the band, they played Max's Kansas City, CBGB, and the CBGB Theater (opening for Talking Heads.)

Eric remembers Rick as being "one of the most creative people" he had ever known.

After leaving the group, Eric played with an R&B group based in western Massachusetts. In May of 1978, he joined a touring band and toured the US for a year. He is currently playing with the band, Bautista, a multi-percussionist group with a lineup similar to the original Santana.

In early 2012, Eric wrote, "I was with La Ventana for 2 years (2005-2006) a latin-rock band, put out a cd, played shows and festivals extensively around the SF Bay area. I also played with Dan Hicks in his jazz project, Bayside Jazz. The Christopher Neal Nelson cd is a collaboration with an old friend from my days in Minneapolis, a jazz-bossa nova recording, including one song that has a structure and melody based on "Pi". I am co-producer on that cd besides playing drums.Both CDs are available on CD Baby.

"Currently, I am playing with several bands in the bay area: the Culprits (a smooth jazz group), the Carlos Herrera band (latin), Dennis Johnson (blues - slide guitar and dobro) and TRENZ (a classic rock band). I am also working as the west coast national accounts director for a New Jersey based technology company."

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Chet Cahill played bass for the reconstituted group starting in 1976 and was part of the Neverland production. He remained with the group as it dissolved and reformed several times. He was a member of Berlin Airlift through their breakup in 1984, appearing on all of the group's recordings.

Chet is from Columbus, OH, and attended the Berklee School of Music as did several other band members. He was roommates with Eric Engstrom, Brad Hatfield, and Michael Hatfield in Newton Corner, MA, when OL went through Phase II.

Chet was instrumental in Eric Engstrom joining the group in mid-1977.

Chet married Billie Best, who managed Luna in the late 70s. He spends most of his professional time working on documentaries, including composing the music for The Blinking Madonna & Other Miracles.

Many thanks to Michael Hatfield for details on Chet's career and for forwarding the great photo of Billie and Chet on their farm (left, bottom). (Photo used by kind permission of Chet Cahill.)

UPDATE 1/30/2009: Ace Holleran has let me know that Chet passed away last week. I was very sorry to hear of his passing and will post more information as it becomes available.

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Steven Paul Perry played guitar for the band after Randy Roos left. Steven also played for the Neverland production and remained with the group through their Berlin Airlift phase in 1984, turning down the opportunity to tour with Meatloaf, and appearing on all the Berlin Airlift recordings. He continued to work with Rick and the descendants of the original band until 1987, when he was replaced by Matt McKay. He left to form his own band at that time, writing songs and touring until the early 1990's. Steven then went on to tour with acts like John Hiatt, Little Feat, and Robert Cray. He has appeared on The Tonight Show and The David Letterman Show.

In the late 1990's, he joined TH & the Wreckage, playing on their CD. He has most recently been working with his own band, The Human Condition.

Steven came to Orchestra Luna from The Berklee School of Music. Eric Engstrom remembers him as "a great rock guitarist."

There are several noted guitarists with the same name, but Steven's middle name is Paul (Steven Paul Perry) and this is the name he now uses professionally.

Steven writes, "I am working on my own record (CD) for release this year [2005]. Check out my website (just the beginning of the real website I will have) at www.stevenpaulperry.com." Take a look at the site, as it goes into much more detail about his professional career than I could ever hope to provide. Then watch for the release of his CD.

Steven has provided me with some photos from his days with Luna/Berlin Airlift and his more recent career. At left, third from top, is Steven performing with Rick in Berlin Airlift. Fourth from the top is Berlin Airlift with Peter Wolf of the J. Geils Band. Fifth from the top is Steven performing with Jon Butcher on a 2003 tour.

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Ace Holleran played drums for the group starting in August, 1976. He performed in the Neverland production and was with the group while it still had several of the original members. Ace recalls that there was another drummer prior to him, so he did not directly replace Don Mulvaney. Eric Engstrom took Ace's place on drums in May, 1977.

Ace attended Villanova University in the 1960's, prior to working with the band. He continued to perform after leaving OL, including stints with Meat Loaf and with Burton Cummings (1978). He has worked on a variety of recordings and earned a gold record for his work on the album Sesame Street: In Harmony, backing Linda Ronstadt and Bette Midler.

He is currently a freelance writer, web designer and creative director, and is a regular contributor to several publications. He has been very active in Little League and has published some informative and humorous articles on his experiences.

His full name is Timothy "Ace" Holleran.

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Bob Brandon played keyboards with the group from 1976 through 1977 or 1978. He was a member of the group for the Neverland production at The Kennedy Center.

Eric Engstrom remembers that Bob played acoustic piano, a real challenge to haul around. When the group switched to doing covers in late 1977 and became Luna, he started using an electric organ and "despised" it.

Eric also remembers playing "thousands" of backgammon games with Bob as they traveled to and from gigs in the van.

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Joe Petruzzelli played drums with the group(s) from early 1978 through the formation of Berlin Airlift in 1981. He replaced Eric Engstrom after Eric left the group. Sources differ on whether Joe played on the Berlin Airlift album.

Joe also played on the 1983 album by The Joe Perry Project, Once A Rocker, Always A Rocker, replacing Ronnie Stewart in the group founded by Aerosmith guitarist, Joe Perry. He played with The Project from 1982-1984, so I believe that he left Berlin Airlift in 1982. During his time with The Project, he used the name "Joe Pet" and has used this as his professional name ever since. Since leaving The Project, he has been involved with the group, Count Viglione, and subsequently played with Sticks & Stones. Sticks & Stones released at least one album.

Joe is currently the creator of StreetBeat Entertainment, which provides musical entertainment, studio facilities for musicians, and consulting for studio construction and upfit

As always, I'm interested in additional details about Joe's career.

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Billie Best became the group's manager in 1975, replacing Bruce Patch, who quit after Epic dropped the group. She was a long-time friend of Karla DeVito's and they had attended high school together. You can see a picture of Billie and Karla here.

Billie continued to work in marketing and publishing after Luna disbanded. She was the Director of Advertising for Strawberry's Records and Tapes in the early 1980's and later worked as the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for a Boston University subsidiary. After working as both an independent consultant and with national marketing firms, she co-founded Weldon & Best with Claudia Weldon in 2001. She is currently working with clients in marketing and business. Billie combines her business with her advocacy work. Check out her business website at www.billiebest.com.

Billie married Chet Cahill, who played with Luna in the late 70s. Many thanks to Michael Hatfield for details on Chet's career and for forwarding the great photo of Billie and Chet on their farm (left, bottom). (Photo used by kind permission of Chet Cahill.)

Thanks also to Rick Berlin for permission to post his photo of Billie with her good friend, Karla Devito (top, left).

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Remember, I also have an Orchestra Luna FAQ Page, where I answer some questions and address issues that I know very little about. Please have pity on me and help me fill in the blanks!

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and the Various Band Members:

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Jim Steinman's Neverland - This section of Jim Steinman's website provides information on the production of his musical, Neverland, in 1977 at The Kennedy Center. Orchestra Luna was the band for this show.

Karla DeVito Fan Website - An excellent fan site dedicated to Karla DeVito. Many thanks to Håkan Kjellin for information on Karla, her career, and her friend and group manager, Billie Best.

Steven Paul Perry Website - This is a gem of a site, with an extensive history of Steven's professional career. Many thanks to Steven for information on his recent activities and for some great photos, including a killer photo of a live performance.

Joe Pet's StreetBeat Website - Check out what Joe Pet is up to these days!

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That's about all I have for this page at present. Come back again and maybe I'll have expanded it. Better yet, drop me a line if you have any information that would help me expand or correct it.

If you want to correspond with me about these biographical sketches, I'd be happy to discuss what little I know. Just send mail to me.

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