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Welcome to another "What' the Deal?" This is just one way I have of letting off steam at the few things that really tick me off. Of course, I have to take it easy as I only have limited web space and the list of things that tick me off is pretty long. Oh, well! Hope you enjoy it! Come back soon, but before you go, we have to take care of one thing....

 What's the deal with these soft drink commercials?

You know the ones I'm talking about...a well-known soft-drink company has a series of commercials featuring a little girl in a variety of absurd situations with such (probably embarrassed) celebrities as Aretha Franklin, Buddy Miles, Jeff Gordon, and Faith Hill. Now, I happen to like the soft-drink itself. It's the only cola my human companions have in the house. What I don't like are these commercials. No, that's not strong enough...I hate these commercials.

Are they supposed to be funny? Well, "funny" things are supposed to be humorous or amuse the viewer. Clearly, these aren't funny, at least not as far as intelligent adults are concerned.

Are they supposed to be cute? Well, they may be "cute" if you think that a talentless (at least as far as acting and dancing are concerned) actress with dimples that look like they were made with a DeWalt 9.6-volt cordless drill and a 60 countersink is cute. I, for one, don't. Maybe lisps are "cute" this year....

Are they supposed to be original? Well, I'll grant that they are original. I wouldn't have thought that any advertising agency would have had the guts to develop these commercials and then actually expect to be paid for them. This makes them unique in advertising history.

Maybe they're supposed to operate on some higher plane, a sort of advertising meta-level. I'll have to give this some thought, since quite a few of my co-workers think the commercials are great.

No, they have to be pulling my leg. This is a big elaborate hoax intended to make me think that a girl and her grandfather pedaling a bicycle at speeds surpassing that of a Winston Cup race-car is both amusing and capable of enticing me to buy more of a particular soft-drink. Or that an inappropriate series of voices emanating from an incompetently lip-synching little girl are somehow relevant to actual advertising. Or that an extremely talented and respected female country singer is incapable of learning three bars of a ridiculously simplistic advertising jingle.

Somebody please clue me in to what's going on here...please?

That's all I have for now.

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