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Welcome to my personal pages on my human companionís web site! I'm supposed to tell you what my interests are and that all sorts of neat things will be posted here, but that's all a bunch of bull. This is just a vanity thing, after all.

Who says it doesn't snow much in North Carolina? Here's
over 20 inches of snow on my back deck in February of 2000.

As you probably figured out already, I don't have any idea how to manage a web site and I don't really care. (After all, I'm just a cat.) You probably don't care either. I will probably end up posting some more images, so check back here if you're just insatiably curious. Otherwise, have a good life! But before you go, we have to take care of one thing....

What's the deal with Rush's "Tom Sawyer"?

For some reason, just about every "classic rock" format FM station feels compelled to inflict this horrid example of a novelty song on its listeners at least once daily.

Rush is (yes, they're still being allowed into the studio) a Canadian power trio who emerged from Sarnia, Ontario, in 1969. The fact that they're from Canada should tip you off right away. At least they're not Dutch, like Focus and Golden Earring. According to at least one biographer, "[A]ll three members were adroit, even virtuosic [sic] musicians...that went on to make inspired art-rock, with a kind of King Crimson meets Led Zeppelin dynamic...." Yeah, right. And Donny Osmond is another Bruce Springsteen, just with no talent and a different singing register.

Yes, they're still "virtuosic"...

What really jumps out at you about "Tom Sawyer" are bassist Geddy Lee's unbelievably irritating and shrieking vocals. My fellow cats actually cry when they hear it. I'm sure that it also keeps the neighbors' dogs away from my yard, even at low volume. You've got to admit to his sheer gall in passing off such caterwauling as music.

Geddy: Castrato? You decide...

Of course, we can't ignore the song's sophomoric lyrics. Here's a (thankfully) short sample:

The world is the world is
Love and life are deep
Maybe as his skies are wide.

Huh? What was that? OK, maybe another toke...then let's try again:

What you say about his company
Is what you say about society
Catch the witness, catch the wit
Catch the spirit, catch the spit.

Well, OK, there you go! "Catch the spit"?? At least these are a little more grammatical....

The Source of the Problem: Rush's 1981 Moving Pictures (get it?)

So do me a favor, would you? If you are one of the listeners who keeps calling my local station requesting Rush's "Tom Sawyer", would you please cut it the hell out?!?!?

That's all I have for now.

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