"Mom, are we there yet?"

Everybody takes a break now and then…don't we?

My wife and I don't consider ourselves world travelers, but every so often we take off for one of our favorite places. We tend to stick with those places we've enjoyed in the past. Well, what's wrong with predictability? There are a lot of places we enjoy simply because they feel so comfortable to us.

Here are a few places we enjoy visiting...plus some other places where we have had interesting experiences. Some of the images take a little long to download, so I've spread them over several pages.

Ocracoke Island

Ocracoke Island, on the North Carolina Outer Banks, is one of our favorite places. (Yes, you can even see dolphins there.)  The island and village can only be reached by ferry or boat from the mainland. The entire island, with the exception of the village, is owned by the U.S. National Park Service. The pace is slow and quiet and, aside from the Yankees who visit, very peaceful. We always stay at The Island Inn, but there are many other nice places on the island. We even try to stay in the same room each year.

DISCLAIMER! The Island Inn is a great place to stay, but the older building is quite quaint. If you are a pushy and stuck-up person who is married to someone who makes way too much money for their own good and you drive a damn land-yacht and you think your you-know-what doesn't stink, you are not going to be happy there! Stay in the newer villas or rent a place or stay in another inn, just get the hell away from me with your whining, you spoiled, malcontented, mouthy jerk-off!! Next time I'll bring even more cigars and move over to sit next to you on the porch, you sniveling rodent!

Here's a fuzzy satellite picture of the village and harbor.

An aerial shot of the harbor. This shows a large portion of the village.

The Ocracoke Lighthouse, erected in 1823, is the oldest North Carolina lighthouse still in service.

The Island Inn was built in 1901, though it has undergone rebuilding and renovation several times.

One of our favorite places, the upper porch of The Island Inn. I love to sit in a rocker up there and smoke big cigars to piss off the self-righteous.

Ho, hum…a typical day at the beach…at least, here it is. Don't try to do this without a 4WD, kids.

Let's see, where else do we go? Well, for Christmas we usually go to...



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